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Sex offender notification

What is SORNA?

Megan's Law was recently updated by the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (“SORNA”), 42 Pa. C.S.A. §§ 9799.10 et seq., requiring the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP)  to maintain a database that lists the location of convicted sexual offenders, and to provide notification to the public of the presence of registered sexual offenders in their community.
SORNA also requires the PSP or the local municipal police department, to provide notice to a sexually violent predator’s or sexually violent delinquent child’s victim(s) at certain times throughout the criminal justice process.

SVP Notification

The Commonwealth Victim Advocate and Pennsylvania State Police have developed a partnership to improve notification to victims of Sexually Violent Predators.  This partnership will ensure all victims receive timely notification when a sexually violent predator is identified by the courts. The Office of Victim Advocate is now partnering with the PSP Megan’s Law Unit to facilitate and supplement victim notifications.
Victim safety is paramount to the PSP and the OVA. It is our hope that through this collaboration the OVA can support victims with the many services we provide.
This partnership is intended to enhance any services, information, and updates about the offender throughout their tenure in the prison, parole, and probation system.
The PSP has provided a tracking ability within the Megan’s Law webpage for victims to create a confidential account to receive email notifications of the changes to any offender’s status. The URL link to initiate this process is  
The Office of Victim Advocate will be providing training throughout the Commonwealth on this new partnership in the upcoming year. Dates will be posted soon.
If you have any questions regarding this program you may call us at 1.800.563.6399 or email us at


Partnership Press Release
A Message from the Victim Advocate and State Police (HD Video)
A Message from the Victim Advocate and State Police (SD Video)
A Message from the Victim Advocate and State Police (Download)
OVA/PSP Partnership Poster
How to Register Poster
A video message to you from the Victim Advocate
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