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About OVA

The Office of Victim Advocate (OVA) is the state agency with the authority and duty to advocate for the rights and needs of crime victims. 

We accomplish our mission through victim services, which includes post-sentencing notifications of offender status and movements within the DOC and the parole system; restorative justice programs that promote resilience and healing; and we are currently developing new initiatives around crime prevention.

For more information on OVA, watch this video to see how we can advocate for you.

The team at OVA is available by phone at 800-563-6399 Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm and can provide information about programs and make referrals to local victim service organizations across Pennsylvania.

Rights Violations

If you feel your rights as a crime victim have been violated, please submit a Rights Violation Form.pdf. Once OVA receives your form, OVA will advocate on your behalf and attempt to reach a resolution. 


The Pennsylvania Office of Victim Advocate (OVA) was created by Act 8, of 1995 during Governor Tom Ridge's Special Session on Crime. The Victim Advocate is nominated by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate to serve a term of six years. The Victim Advocate has the authority and the duty to represent the rights and interests of all Commonwealth crime victims in general, including victims of juvenile offenders and all those that come before the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC), the PA Parole Board, and the Board of Pardons.

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 The Pennsylvania Office of Victim Advocate is dedicated to representing, protecting and advancing the individual and collective rights and interests of crime victims.