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​Marsy’s Law

While the accused and convicted have numerous rights codified in the Pennsylvania Constitution, crime victims only have statutory protections. This creates an imbalance of justice, because victims have no recourse if their rights are violated.

Read more about Marsy’s Law for Pennsylvania here.

Marsy’s Law passed the ballot in November 2019 with 1.7 million Pennsylvanians voting in favor. However, a court challenge is currently standing in the way of implementation of Marsy’s Law. In June 2020, the Commonwealth Court heard oral arguments from all parties; we anticipate an opinion to be rendered this summer. It is believed that regardless of the Commonwealth Court opinion, the PA Supreme Court will need to take up the case. Read Victim Advocate Jennifer Storm’s OpEd on Marsy’s Law here (pdf).

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Rights Violations

If you feel your rights as a crime victim have been violated, please submit this form to OVA and a Victim Assistance Coordinator will get in contact with you.