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Resilient Voices

The goal of the Resilient Voices Program is to provide a space for survivors to share their personal experience, strength and hope in a setting that matches their individual goals.

Your voice has power.

The path to healing is different for everyone. Often times, for survivors and others affected by crime, healing leads to a desire to speak – to embrace their voice and share their personal experience with others.

Check out this information sheet (pdf) for more! You can then fill out an application (pdf)  and submit it to

An event is an opportunity to educate communities and empower victims.

Because most citizens come in contact with victims, even if they don’t know it, one priority of the Resilient Voices program is to prepare communities to work and communicate effectively with victims and treat them with dignity and respect.
The Office of Victim Advocate has a pool of passionate, talented survivors available to speak about sexual assault, domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse, homicide, drug related deaths, the devastation of losing a child, and other topics related to victimization.

Below are just a few of the many individuals who can be called upon to speak at your event. Please fill out this form (pdf) to the best of your ability and email it to who will be in contact regarding your needs. 

Videos of Our Speakers

Resilient Voices Group

Thomas Williams
Erica Clark
Charlene Sciarretta
Ashley Bricker
Yessenia Blanco

Other amazing speakers available.

Marsha (Marty) Barth: "The Shattering"

Website for March (Marty) Barth


Kate Rush Cook 

Kate shares her harrowing story of surviving sexual abuse.


Lynn Shiner

Lynn speaks of the murder of her two children Jen and Dave. Lynn discusses the impact of grief, how to talk with parents who have lost a child. She also speaks to the issues of sexual abuse and domestic violence.