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​Safety & Support

A safety plan is a personalized strategy that includes ways to remain safe, an identified support system, and tactics to cope with emotions. In a moment of crisis or when triggered by panic, our brains will not function the same way they do when we are calm. Planning in advance will help victims/survivors to act quickly and can calm some feelings of fear and panic.

Locate a victim service agency in your area to help create a safety plan.

One way for crime victims/survivors to mitigate risk is to register for notifications about the offender(s) in their case. Check this sheet for safety planning tips when an offender is released on parole.


A variety of additional resources are available through these partners: 

    •    Pennsylvania ChildLine                                         800.932.0313
    •    Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape               888.772.7227
    •    National Domestic Violence Hotline                 800.799.7233
    •    National Human Trafficking Hotline                 888.373.7888