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Crime victims in PA whose offender has been sentenced to the PA Department of Corrections or the PA Parole Board have the right to register for services available through the Office of Victim Advocate. This includes family members of homicide victims and parents of minor victims.

OVA is different from the county advocacy program. Once an offender receives a state sentence, the county will no longer send notifications. To continue to receive notifications throughout the criminal justice process, crime victims/survivors should register with OVA.

Registered victims will be notified if/when the offender:

    • becomes parole eligible
    • is considered for any release program
    • escapes – and is recaptured
    • transfers to a state mental health facility
    • dies
    • writes an apology letter
    • applies for clemency (pardon or commutation)

Additionally, testimony provided through OVA to the PA Parole Board, is covered by confidentiality laws and cannot be subpoenaed.

Registration with OVA is voluntary. To register, please complete this form and return it to OVA. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact OVA at 800.563.6399 or email

After registering, victims/survivors will receive additional information in the mail, and will begin receiving notifications regarding the offender(s) in their case. It is important that victims remain in contact with the district attorney's office for information on upcoming appeals or changes in status from the county court systems.

Click here to learn more about notifications from OVA.