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Allyship is the continual process of building trust, supporting others, holding ourselves accountable when mistakes are made, and genuinely making improvements in our approach. The best way to begin your journey to becoming an ally is to simply believe survivors.

Allyship includes actively listening, supporting their healing, and doing self-reflective work to determine how each of us contributes to the communities around us.

Crime Victims' Rights Week

The National Crime Victims' Rights Rally in Pennsylvania is sponsored by the Crime Victims Alliance of Pennsylvania and is held every April in conjunction with National Crime Victims' Rights Week. Allies are invited to attend and support. You can learn more on their Facebook page.

Additional ways to get started on your allyship journey:

  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable. This work is challenging. Grow your capacity for criticism and embrace the emotions that rise – especially the emotions of others.
  • Learn to use inclusive language that embraces all people. One of the most important ways is to ask and use preferred pronouns.
  • Take trainings on unconscious bias. Our biases are learned and can, therefore, be unlearned with some hard work.
  • Call out inappropriate behavior. Those in privileged positions have the capability to call out unacceptable treatment of those in underprivileged positions.